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Address: Vienibas gatve 109
City: Ryga LV-1058
Country: Latvia
VAT: LV40103277970
Company code: 40103277970
Telephone: +37061262953
Autotransporter park size: 0
Average fleet age: 0
Registered since: 2010-08-23
Company's offered loads: 0
Company's offered available transporters: 0
Profile views: 20890

DOLVERA - private car transportation company, founded in 2007 , Which offers passenger cars, vans, commercial vehicles, off-road transportation services throughout the European Union. The company - a relatively young, but ambitious and growing steadily, which may offer the most effective solution for the co-ordinated and carefully transport the cars on favorable terms (quickly, economically and qualitatively). All our goods are insured by the company under the international conventions are the sum of 300 000 EUR. The main objectives of the company - to expand, improve and become one of the most promising automobile transport companies in Lithuania. Providing high quality, fast and safe car transportation services, to be a reliable partner, promptly provide the customer high quality and professional car repatriation of mortal remains, and to offer attractive prices.
In 2010 the company established a subsidiary in Latvia - SIA LV Dolvera.

Company documents

CMR valid till : 2011-06-16
Licence valid till : 2012-05-15


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