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Address: Sporto g. 48
City: Marijampolė
Country: Lithuania
VAT: LT512905917
Company code: 151290599
Telephone: +37068741930
Autotransporter park size: 95
Average fleet age: 0
Registered since: 2008-01-29
Company's offered loads: 2
Company's offered available transporters: 0
Profile views: 17039

K.Kubiliaus Service Company was established in 1995. The main activity of the company – international cargo carriage by tilt semi-trailers whose cubage is 90 m3 and by road trains whose cubage is 120 m3, carriage of oversized and non-standard cargo by road tractors with special semi-trailers – platforms that are fitted for carriage of cargo that has non-standard length, width, height and/ or weight (buses, auto transporters, agricultural machinery, road tractors, containers etc.), we also transport new and second-hand cars in East and West Europe. We broker while managing the customs documents, we provide services concerning civil liability insurance in Lithuania, CMR and other insurance services.

Company documents

CMR valid till : 2013-10-01
Licence valid till : 2013-11-24


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