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If you need to transport a car and are looking for a transporter, please enter the city/town where your cars are parked as well as the city/town where you need to unload them. We will offer you car transporters which can transport the cars within the shortest time possible.
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You don’t know how long the transportation takes?

If you have your car transported in the EU countries, the process consists of the following stages: loading, transportation and unloading. In the EU countries, according to a driver’s mandatory work schedule, a car transporter usually travels about 700 kilometres by land daily. Therefore, from Lisbon to Tallinn (4347km) your car would travel one week. Using Google Maps, you can calculate how long the transportation of your car will take. If you need to transport your car outside the EU, the transportation process becomes more complicated, therefore, before signing a transportation order it is very important to clarify whether the carrier performs all transportation procedures. The transportation process consists of: loading, transportation to a customs terminal, processing of transit documents, waiting in queues between borders of non-EU countries, clearance at the customs in your country and transportation to the location of unloading. The process is more complicated, therefore, it takes longer. For instance, you want to transport a car from Germany (Berlin) to Moscow, which makes 1811 kilometres. The transportation by a car transporter would take as follows: 3 days of travel, 24 hours at the customs for the preparation of transit documents, 24-48 hours for checks between state borders and 24-48 hours at the customs in Moscow. Thus it should take about a week for your car to reach your door if everything proceeds smoothly.

How much does car transportation cost?

Car transportation prices depend on transportation geography and transport. If you have your car transported by a 8-10 place transporter, transportation price per car in the EU countries will start at 25 eurocents per kilometre. If you transport your car by 1-4 place transporter (their routes and transportation time are more flexible), the price will be higher and start at 30 eurocents per kilometre. If a car is transported outside the EU, the price per kilometre comprises the transportation price plus transit expenses. When transporting from the EU to the CIS, the price per kilometre starts at 50 eurocents plus transit fees.

Why does transportation by ship or train takes longer?

Schedule of maritime transport and trains is very inflexible. First, there are much fewer ships and locomotives which pull wagons. Second, a ship or a train can take a car only from locations accessible to them, therefore, you need to transport your car to the terminal or the harbour. Next, ships and trains start transportation only when they are full, therefore, you may have to wait for loading until a ship or a train is full. A ship’s speed is quite slow because it often stops to unload and load again in other ports until it reaches your destination port. And ships usually travel only along certain routes, thus you may need to unload and reload your car several times. The same may happen when using trains for transportation

How to transport a car from abroad?

When you buy a car abroad, you often wonder how to transport it home. Or, your car breaks down in a foreign country and you find it too expensive, or you do not have a possibility, to use car repair services of that country. In such a case the fastest and easiest option is finding a carrier, which uses car transporters. Transporting a car by maritime transport, loaded in a container, takes a lot of time. Besides, you need to transport a car to and from the port. If you want to transport your car by train, you need to take it to the place of loading and from the place of unloading. A car transporter is the fastest and most convenient option. A transporter may come to any place where your car is parked and bring the car to any place. If you hire a reliable company, your car is safer than loading it into a container or on a train. A car transporter’s driver is interested in not damaging your car because usually insurance franchise is deducted from the driver’s salary. Therefore, before hiring a carrier, make sure that the carrier has a cargo insurance. On the carriers’ exchange you can check every company, whether it has the said insurance and whether the company’s documents are in order. It is also possible to check how many other companies recommend the company you have chosen. When you choose a company with the highest rating, the safety of your car is least at risk.

How to find a carrier for car transport?

The largest choice of carriers of cars by transporters is at the website, therefore, you will not need to waste your time browsing the internet in search of a car transporter. The fastest and most efficient option is to contact a transporter going in the direction that you need. These transporters provide the fastest service because they are already on the way. They also provide the cheapest service because they need to fill empty spaces. Such transporters, which are already on the way, can be found on the website where there are up to 150 of them daily. Before choosing a transporter on the way, don’t forget to verify whether it has a load insurance as well as the feedback on the company by other companies. If there is no available car transporter currently, you may post an ad on the website announcing that you are looking for a transporter. Once the ad has been posted, you will receive offers of newly available transporters by e-mail while carriers interested in your ad will contact you directly. In order not to waste your time as you wait for offers of shipment, you may view the list of carriers and try contacting the carriers, which transport cars to the country you need. As you negotiate transportation conditions, we recommend that a company and you sign a transportation order providing for the timeframe of transportation, the price of transportation and the timeframe of payment so that there arise no issues in the future. Moreover, if you transport a car not between European Union countries and will need customs services, inquire whether the carrier will be able to process customs documents. We recommend that you include this item into the agreement, too. Once you have agreed on the location and the date of loading a car and the transporter arrives to load it, we recommend that you obligate the driver to take photos of the car and e-mail them to you. This process resolves many disputes in case in the location of unloading the car is unloaded with damage which was not there while loading it.