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Address: Kirtimų str. 41,
City: Vilnius LT-02244
Country: Lithuania
VAT: LT100008209013
Company code: 303203795
Telephone: +37061290758
Autotransporter park size: 30
Average fleet age: 0
Registered since: 2010-02-23
Company's offered loads: 0
Company's offered available transporters: 0
Profile views: 22598

We are the first logistics company in the Baltic countries to develop its own infrastructure
Due to the scope of our activities, highly developed infrastructure and standardised procedures, we transport more than 46,500 vehicles and 50,000 tons of freight, and re-load 42,000 tons of freight per year; we also have the facilities of freight storage in the indoor warehouses of 25,100 sq m. and outdoor warehouses, which makes up 197,000 sq m.
We own 82 car transporters, around 100 trucks operating under subcontracting agreements, 4 railway branch lines in the territories of all the logistics centres; we cooperate with the largest shipping companies, thus, we can always offer the most cost-effective, safest and fastest method of transportation.
We manage 3 modern logistics centres in Vilnius, Vievis and Klaipėda, which provide the facilities of storing the freight of any size and dimensions including the freight that requires special handling. We provide the third-party logistics (3PL) services. We fully take care of your goods: we accept, re-pack, label, keep counts, store and transport them into the required place of destination.
We provide customs brokerage services (we make the documents of all freight types ready within a single business day; it usually takes up to 3 hours); we have a truck service centre and a truck wash.
We started our activities in 1995 and were the first to ship a freight wagon with a carload from the independent Lithuania.
We manage the most innovative logistics centre in the Baltic countries
The activities of Vievis Vehicle Logistics Centre are organised to meet the requirements (ECG standards), recommendations and proposals of the largest foreign car manufacturers. The logistics centre can currently accommodate 6,000 passenger cars (the number is expected to reach 7,500; the area covers 16 ha).
We offer full-scale vehicle storage and provide all vehicle pre-sale preparation services: pre-sale preparation, integration of additional features and car delivery to your car dealership place or a market place within 24 hours.
We provide high quality services
Our business activities are certified by ISO standards (2003; we were the first in the field of logistics in Lithuania), whereas in the field of vehicle logistics we follow procedure descriptions and requirements of the largest foreign car manufacturers (ECG – operations quality manual).
The company has the internal quality division; we have standardised our activities; we conduct the analysis of company’s performance indicators, thus, we can ensure a minimum risk of errors. We make considerable investments into staff training; we conduct periodic certification procedure and improve the staff qualifications.

Long-term specialisation in our field, large scope of activities and financial reliability enable us to assure that once you have chosen your service provider, you will not have to worry about quality or to look for another service provider.
We are interested in the new developments of our sector. We are a member of associations
Lithuanian National Road Carriers' Association Linava
Lithuanian National Freight Forwarders’ Association Lineka
International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations Fiata
The Association of European Vehicle Logistics ECG
Lithuanian Logistics Association LLA

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CMR valid till : 2013-12-31
Licence valid till : 2016-10-10


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