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Address: Veiveriu 150
City: Kaunas
Country: Lithuania
VAT: LT100004789617
Company code: 302415539
Telephone: +37067413055
Autotransporter park size: 0
Average fleet age: 5
Registered since: 2010-04-19
Company's offered loads: 1
Company's offered available transporters: 0
Profile views: 38588

JSC "Auteks" is an internationally operating transport services company, whose main areas of activity are logistics and new/used passenger vehicle cars transportation by road trucks in Europe. Our main routes:
Despite the fact of everyday changes and fluctuation in transportation field, we are a successfully and qualitatively working company, which is every day expanding the number of its customers and already earned a name of a reliable partner. Our main goal – is to provide services at the highest quality, short and quick performance together with flexibility and quick response in situations, where urgent decisions need to be taken.
We care about every partner and time he spends while cooperating with us, that is why we are always trying to adapt integrated solutions to our logistics and transportation services, which allows us to use all possible resources. We are sure that we know the right way, and we hope to help you to find that way too!

Company documents

CMR valid till : 2011-04-06
Licence valid till : 2014-12-02


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