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You want to become well-known among your clients?!

If your activities are related to car transportation or you provide various services to carriers, the best place to advertise yourself is the website, a portal of car carriers. Do you repair car transporters or sell spare parts of transporters, are you an insurance broker, or do you offer other services? Advertising space of is exactly what you need!

Every day, our website is visited or viewed by almost all car carriers of Lithuania as well as many car dealers. Thus if you do not want to waste your time and finances looking for your direct clients in newspapers, on television, in town, or on the internet, place your advertising banner on the website.

We post JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, SWF and JavaScript format banners. The responsibility for production of advertising banners lies with the client. If you do not have your own banner, we can also produce it for a small fee.

The arrangement of banner zones (please click on the image in order to see a larger view):

Advertising rates:

Advertising zone Fixed advertising
Price per month, EUR
R1 angle advertising (250x70)

Advertising consists of two banners:

  • Upper banner (800x140)
  • Right-side banner (180x600)

25% showings 100.00
50% showings 200.00
75% showings 300.00
100% showings 400.00
R1-a (780x100) 25% showings 50.00
50% showings 100.00
75% showings 150.00
100% showings 200.00
R1-b (180x600) 25% showings 50.00
50% showings 100.00
75% showings 150.00
100% showings 200.00
R2 (180x72) 100% showings 60.00
R3 (600x100) 25% showings 45.00
50% showings 90.00
75% showings 135.00
100% showings 180.00
R4 (670x90) 100% showings 80.00
R5 (780x100) 25% showings 30.00
50% showings 60.00
75% showings 90.00
100% showings 120.00

Please contact us regarding possibilities for advertising.