terms of use

  1. Rules and interpretation

1.1 This document is the agreement between UAB “” (company code - 3025 65898, office registration address - Kauno m. sav. Kauno m. Zanavyk┼│ g. 46A, Lithuania, e-mail address - (further - and You (further - Customer) regarding the usage of website (further - Website).

1.2 Within this document You confirm You are familiar with Website’s rules and conditions (further – Conditions) and agree wto commit and follow it.

1.3 The Rules determine terms and conditions including all and any actions made by Customer while connected to the Website and using internet connection. According to these Rules, Services (further – Services) refer to all and any Customers actions which he can perform on Website as follows: offering Advertisement, reading published information, writing questions, answers, comments, publishing, sending and receiving any kind of information and (or) data. While using this Website The Customer in any ways or form unconditionally agrees to follow all the requirements stated. If the Client disaggrees to follow the Rules stated on this agreement unconditionally, he has no right to use any kind of Services provided on Website.

1.4 Website provides taxed services (further – Taxed Services). Taxed Services are described and indicated on Website. It’s prices are indicated in the page of Taxed Services.

1.5 The laws of the Republic of Lithuania are applied to regulate relations between Customer and in addition to the Rules stated in this agreement before.

1.6 If any of the Rules object Lithuanian Law or in any circumstances becomes partialy invalid, it doesn’t make other Rules invalid.

  1. General conditions

2.1 provides the Customers with virtual space that is Website, where Customers have an ability to announce their advertisements about services or offered goods (further – Advertisements), read Advertisements, search for Advertisements and use other Services.

2.2 will not take any part in trades between Customer and his client on the Website, because is not a broker, authorized person, represantative and so on by no means.

2.3 Any information published on the Website will not be considered as offer to make any a trade.

2.4 All the legal judicial and intelectual rights to Website and all it’s content, including authors rights, industrial intelectual property rights, company names, know-how, commercial secrets belong to or judicialy use third party persons granted rights.

2.5 The Customer grants with all non benefitial exceptional rights for unlimited period of time in the unlimited territory to posses such arts, information or data advertised or sent on the Website:

2.5.1 the right in any form to reproduce, publish, publicly announce and make it publicly available, spread by selling, renting it or passing it to any others property;

2.5.2 the right to edit or adapt, invent derivative inventions from the information provided by Customer;

2.5.3 to use presented information in any purpose and in any way without contribution

3. The rights and duties of Customer

3.1 The Customer commits:

3.1.1 to present true and thorough information about himself including one’s name or surname/legal data and one’s e-mail address;

3.1.2 not to use the Website or it’s Services for illegal purposes or trades;

3.1.3 to provide true and thorough information while using the Website;

3.1.4 to ensure that Announcements or the information presented, including files, computer programs, email letters etc. (further – Customer information): is not false; is not offering goods or services which are forbbiden or restricted; does not violate third party property possesions and personal rights (including intelectual rights to property); does not violate judicial law (including customer rights law, competition law, import/export law); does not violate civil order and proper morale; does not have viruses in itself or other programs or files which could disturb proper Website operations, could be placed in the computers of other Customers and for the same reasons make harm to Customer or it’s property, disturb to use the Website, Services and Clients computer; is not advertising or promoting information directly or indirectly about the third parties which can be or are competitors to and provide links to such parties or products.

3.1.5. not to copy, store or transfer, not to make publicly available, not to advertise Customers’ data presented on the Website or data about any actions of Website’s Customers including data about goods/services offered/searched and it’s prices etc.;

3.1.6. Customer’s login name and password (if it is given to Customer) should be kept in secret from the third party, except the persons who are authorized by the Customer himself to use the Services;

3.1.7. report about any change of Customers personal data given on Website (especialy given during the registration) to without any delays;

3.1.8. report to by e-mail if Customers login and/or password, which are necessary to use the Website are lost or became known to the third party;

3.1.9. not to publish Advertisements on the Website which offer the same services or goods more than once;

3.1.10. announce the Advertisements only in suitable themes;

3.1.11. not to advertise meanless Advertisements or Advertisements with meanless simbols.

3.2. Using any Service Customer confirms that he/she:

3.2.1. is mentaly capable and has all the rights to execute trades offered on the Website;

3.2.2. will properly execute his/hers duties, specified in Rules 3.1-3.1.11

3.2.3. understands and agrees that the Rules agreed between Customer and create only these legal relations which are directly stated in these Rules.

3.2.4. understands and agrees that if the login and password which are used to login to the Website will become known to the third party, such third party can accept such commitments which will be mandatory to Customer and he/she commits to accept such commitments and use them properly. Understands and agrees that has no right in other ways, except customers login and password verifying, verify customers identity;

  1. rights and duties

4.1. has the right to put on restrictions or terminate Customers right to use the Website including any information which Customer have placed to the Website. has the right to: edit any Customers information advertised, terminate Customers advertisement, terminate his/her account, forbid futher Customers registration on the Website if Customer:

4.1.1. violates those Rules or does not commits his duties stated in these Rules;

4.1.2 has given wrong or incomplete and/or false information while registering or using the Website;

4.1.3 purposly and consciously spreads false or misdirecting information on Website, insults other parties or behave in any unproper way;

4.2. has the right (but not the duty) to observe Customers actions on the Website at any time including observation of Customers Advertisements. Using legal measures has the right to investigate any violation of Rules;

4.3. has the right to terminate Customers Advertisements or any other information from the Website at any time if it thinks that this violates the Rules, legal rights or are opposite to good morale.

4.4. has the right to edit Advertisements on the Website at any time, transfer them to other thematic areas without changing Customers data to ensure better communication on the Website.

4.5. has the right to charge for the Services provided by the prices specified on the Website. If the Customer request for bill, will provide it.

4.6. has the right to send commercial offers or other offers by Customer has the right to refuse to receive such offers by notifying

4.7. Both sides agree, that has the right to stop the Websites activity without pre warning.

5. Paid Services

5.1. Paid services and it’s payment orders are described and specified in The Website. Services prices are specified in each exact Paid Service booking page.

5.2. Customer understands and agrees that Paid Services can be supplied only after the Customer pays for Paid Services in specified order. has the right to change the amount and payment order of any Paid Service at any time.

5.3. When Customers rights to use Paid Services are restricted or suspended or Customer did not get his Paid Services for other reasons (if she/he did not violate the Rules mentioned in Rules 5.4 and 4.5), commits to extend the Paid Services period during when Paid Servicens haven’t been supplied to Customer or grant the Customer with analogous Paid Services to the Paid Services which were granted before if the Customers asks for it (if it is not follow-up Paid Service).

5.4. has the right to restrict or suspend supply of Services for unlimited period of time during prophylactic works. In such case can (but musn’t) extend Paid Services to Customer for the time it wasn’t available or supply Paid Services analogous to the Paid Services which were granted before for free (if it is not follow-up Paid Service).

6. Personal data

6.1. has the right to edit and manage Customers personal data (further – Personal data) under the rights stated in these Rules for the purposes specified.

6.2. Customer grants with the right to manage and edit Customer’s Personal data in such limits and purposes which were specified in these Rules. Customer has the right to cancel permission for to manage Customer’s Personal data at any time, demand to cancel editing and managing his/her Personal data and terminate the account. Permision to edit and manage Customer’s Personal data is not valid back to the past.

6.3. will store and protect Personal data in a digital way and will provide such Personal data extracts in other forms if required.

6.4. will use Personal data for supplying, developing Services.

6.5. will not provide Personal data to third party and won’t make it public, except the cases stated in Rules or in legal cases.

7. Disclaimer

7.1. Customer agrees that is not and will not be resonsible for Website or Services disorders and for Customers or third party losses because of that.

7.2. will not be responsible for goods or services or it’s quality gained using the Website or it’s Services.

7.3 Customer understands and agrees that Website or it’s Services are supplied without any warranty from that the Website or it’s Services will run all the time, on time and properly without disorders, full volume and that this will not cause any negative sequences to Customer or third party. is not and will not be responsible for information inadequacy on Website and for it’s negative sequences caused to Customer or third party.

7.4. is not responsible for any harm or loses which may the Customer undergo while using the Website or it’s Services, while sending or placing or in any other ways giving or making public any information.

7.5. Customer agrees and understands that will never be responsible in any matters for all and any actions of itself or disorders related to Customers usage of Website or it’s Services. Customer accepts all the responsibility for any harm or loses which he/she or the third party might encounter while using the Website or it’s Services or information.

7.6. Customer commits to ensure that will never face any legal responsibilities to pay or in other way compensate any loses or other expences because the Customer have used the website or it’s Services.

7.7. Customer understands that is not and will not be responsible for the third party including, but not limiting it, internet, mobile operators, email providers, banks mistakes to Customer unsupplied or supplied not on time Services. If the Customer is not able to use Services or Websitr because of third party disorders, charge for Services Paid is not returned to Customer.

8. The ability to change Rules

8.1 Because the Website and it’s Services are developing to ensure better and safer usage, has the right to change the Rules.

8.2. will announce the changes of Rules via Website.

8.3. The change of Rules will become valid after they are placed on the Website.

8.4. Customer confirms that he/she is informed and accepts such changes and completely agrees with it while using the Services and Website after the Rules were changed.

9. Final provisions

9.1. Rules are subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

9.2. All the disagreements between and Customer about following these Rules are solved in the way of negotiating. If both sides doesn’t find the solution all disagreements will be solved via Lithuanian Republic courts.

9.3 The Rules will come in force at the time the Customer will confirm he/she agrees with it and will be valid for all the time till the Customer is customer.